Bunnings Eba Agreement 2016

In 2016, Bunnings, the leading hardware and home improvement company in Australia, reached a landmark agreement with its employees known as the Bunnings EBA Agreement 2016. This agreement brought significant changes to the company`s workforce and set a new standard for employee benefits and rights.

The Bunnings EBA Agreement 2016 replaced the previous agreement that had been in place since 2009. The new agreement provided wage increases, improved job security, and enhanced benefits for all employees. One of the significant changes in this new agreement was the introduction of a minimum wage of $28.59 per hour, which was a significant increase from the previous minimum wage of $19.49 per hour.

Another significant change was the introduction of a comprehensive paid parental leave policy. Under the new agreement, eligible employees were entitled to 16 weeks of paid parental leave, which was double the previous entitlement of eight weeks. This policy aimed to provide support to employees who were starting or expanding their families.

The Bunnings EBA Agreement 2016 also included measures to improve job security, including guaranteed hours of work for part-time employees and restrictions on the use of casual labour. This measure aimed to provide stability to employees who were not in full-time roles, which had been a long-standing concern.

Overall, the Bunnings EBA Agreement 2016 has been a significant milestone in improving employee rights and benefits in Australia. It reflected Bunnings` commitment to being an ethical and socially responsible employer and raised the bar for other companies in the industry.

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